meeting venue

A meeting venue is the place where a group gathers to discuss an important project or event, such as a conference or a team meeting. It is usually located in a convenient location with easy road or rail links and enough quiet to allow delegates to speak without being disturbed. It should also be able to accommodate the number of people who are going to attend, and it should be equipped with everything you need for your meeting.

There are many different types of meeting venues that you can hire for your business events, whether you’re preparing a presentation to a client or hosting an internal meeting. Some venues may even have a bar or restaurant where you can host post-meeting drinks and networking. Choosing a meeting venue that matches your needs can make a huge difference to the tone and feel of the event, so it’s important to choose wisely.

The ambiance of the venue should match the mood you want to set for the meeting, and this can be achieved with things like marble conference tables, hung artwork and views over the cityscape. You should also consider how the room is laid out – a circle layout is ideal for small discussions, but if you’re expecting a lot of people then you might want to choose an oval or rectangular shape.

Besides the space, you should think about the technology that is available to your guests. The best venue will have good Wi-Fi connectivity and a screen big enough to view presentations on. Some top venues will even offer complementary ‘throttled’ internet, giving attendees the bandwidth they need to work or stream videos online. It’s a small but crucial feature that can have a big impact on how productive your meeting is.

It’s also worth considering the extra facilities that the venue can provide – most of them will have stationery, e-whiteboards, LCD TVs and projector screens in addition to self-regulated air conditioning and disabled facilities. You should also find out if they will offer catering and how much it will cost.

In these high-tech times, nothing will put your delegates off a meeting more than being unable to connect to the internet. Similarly, having a flipchart that’s not powerful enough to show a video can kill the flow of communication and make your entire meeting pointless. It’s best to ask the venue if they offer any free, unlimited Wi-Fi and check the details before booking.

The right environment can inspire creativity and collaboration, so it’s important to get the ambiance right for your next event. Whether you’re preparing for a big client presentation or rolling out your new product to employees, NYC has plenty of gorgeous, stylish, stop-’em-in-their-tracks meeting venues ready to rent for your on-demand meetings. Browse Splacer today and find out more about these inspiring locations.